ExtractVendorInformation - Assignment 2

Hi All,

I’m not getting the proper output for my tax id. Please see below screenshot of workflow and The walk through does not give much guidance in relation to this.

What is being displayed in the below box is the word: Tax ID along with the Tax Number

Workflow Screenshot

Walk through Guide Instructions

Hi @jonathan89,

I believe this is left intentionally vague because it is up to you to split the string to get the required output,which in this case is just the TaxID number (without the extra text). You will need to get the text, and then assign a new string variable which contains the required text (got using string split, regex etc.).

Thanks for your reply. Any idea of how to do this?
Honestly this is a part I struggle with when comes to string split.

I did something like this:
I split first by a space and then by new line whilst picking the required selection each time (the 1 and 0 respectively).

Although this may be different for you, depending on how you got the full text blob using Get Text. A good way to check is to use write lines to see what the output would look like, and then adjust accordingly.


hello @jonathan89 bro
I attached some screenshot may help you



@mcicca @sandeep13

Thanks to you both for your replies. I’ll try your suggestions and you let you know. Appreciate the help!

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