How to extract Holidays From Calendar?


Hi everyone i am having problem in extracting Holidays from this particular calendar I want all the holidays for year 2012,all the holidays are in red color and holiday name is also in red color ,i want only the days which have been circled with holiday name, I am unable to move to move to next month .

For example for the first month of 2012 i want these days with holiday name
1,2,9 ,holiday names are just below the numbers in red color

I am sharing the calendar web link

Unable to find correct selector when trying to use uiexpolrer

something like this will do the trick

<html title=‘2012*.com’ /><webctrl tag=‘td’ background=’*markmonth3.gif’ idx=‘2’ />

use it in Find all children or change index to get the n-th cell of the table


Hi @adrian Thanx a lot ,i didn’t knew that something like find children was there in my activities !!

But i have never used it can you guide me where should i place this find children activity in my workflow
and this activity also ask to select a region on the browser what should i select ??
currently i did like this but it gives error ,and the above code you shared where should i input it is it find children activity or input area or selector input field or somewhere alse??