Excel Read Range dynamic

Hello Team

i am trying to give dynamic range in excel let me share screeshot

like in screenshot you can see i give the range from B2 to b496, but i want that i will give the first range like B2 to last column, is there any logic where we can give just starting range end range will be dynamic , ?

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Hi @Khawaja_Junaid

You can leave the range property blank as ā€œā€ so that it will read the entire sheet to a datatable. Then if you want only that particular column either B or C, you ca remove the remaining columns using the remove data column activity and assign the remaining datatable to another DT in case you need the removed columns yo some other task. So that you will have two DTs. Initial one will have all the columns. And the next one will have only the columns you need to write


Meaning last column is unclear in this context.
Anyway to check filled size of sheet read whole range by removing reference to cells

it will create correct table with corret size

sample sheet is

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In Excel Application Scope, Use Read Range save that into to Datatabel
Then By using Assign activity, assign datatable.rows.count to an integer
then use Delete Range
In Delete Range Properties
Range: ā€œA1:Aā€+[integer].toString

Hello Team,
Iā€™m also facing same issue,i have a excel filled with some columns and rows,
but a want to count only rows filled after a specific row,Please guide how can it be done

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