How to Extract data from site by not using Scraping Methods?

Hi all, i would like to extract some data from a site without using Scraping methods, i am using get text activity to extract single data but how to use it in a loop?

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have a look on working with e.g. find children

Hi @Jai_Pande

If the data structure is similar, you can use the Extract datatable activity.
Second one, you can use the For each Ui element activity to scrap the pattern data.
Third one, you can use the Find Children activity.

If possible, share the screenshot of data if it is not confidential.

Hope it helps!!

@mkankatala actually it is confidential, its not a table its just random names of items

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@ppr okay but how can we do that ? please elaborate

share details e.g. element structures

Okay @Jai_Pande

Try using the above 3 methods max of times extract datatable and find children will work.

If you have any queries feel free to post here.

@ppr i want to extract price


@mkankatala i am confused actually how to progress

@mkankatala can i schedule a teams meet if its okay by you?

@ppr Please Elaborate ?

Similar to

Setting the Selector of the find children to a appropriate root element

would use the filter
"<webctrl tag='P' class='price_color' />"

And setting

Assign Activity
arrPrices =
FindChildrenOutVar.Select(Function (x) x.Get("innertext").toString.Trim).ToArray

@ppr okay but how we can use it to search the other product prices as well? , when i am using price colour its showing only price colour and not the amount

this is what find children is doing. We use it for grabbing similar elements by a filter

looks like a

  • wrong configuration of the find children settings
  • general implementation issues
  • a different element structure

With the limited knowledge derived from the above screenshots and not knowing what was modelled in detail we can only give general feedback


need to scrape only the product prices out of every books please help now

can be done with datascrapping

@ppr but i have to do without data scaping please help me its my task

then use find children

We recommend the following to avoid the heavy ping-pongs

Explore for the general learning purposes:

  • find children more in detail
  • datascrapping with the table extraction
    • as For each ui … is a table extraction derivat optional also explore

Prototypings can be done with
Understanding the 6 Debugging Panels of UiPath in the easiest way possible! - News / Tutorials - UiPath Community Forum

we do not exclude anything when it will help us
find children and LINQ did it for us behind the scenes

Thanks @ppr actually new to linq and learning as well