How to extract data from PDF and save it in excel

How to Extract data from PDF and save it in excel file.

I have some records the i need to get inside PDF file.
Please see image below

here is the output i copied and paste in the notepad

how can i arrange them and write it in excel

Thank you in advance

Hi @Vincent_Nuestro
If you have bulk items better to choose Document understanding process to extract data from documents and import to datatable.

hi this process only runs every monday and around 30 to 50 Item per monday.

If the documents have fixed format like Structured or unstructured you can get the data by using Regex or String manipulation and also doc understanding processes.

Hi @Vincent_Nuestro ,

If the Table always contains values and will not have any blank values, We could adopt the regex method of retreiving the records and adding the records to a Datatable, then write it to an Excel sheet.

Could you gives us a Confirmation whether the data will always be present for each column in the PDF table ? If you have the case of empty values, Could you provide that case data along with the case which has non-empty values in columns.

Providing samples of different scenarios would help us better analyse the problem and suggest the appropriate approach.

Hi, to confirm the data will always present for each column in the PDF table.

Thank you

Hi @Vincent_Nuestro ,

Could you check the workflow provided in the below post :

If the PDF has a Simpler table, this workflow should be able to extract and save it in Excel. This might not work for all types of PDF.

However, Do try this and let us know if you get any errors.

Also, for the regex method extraction, we would require a Sample PDF or the exracted text to check further the patterns, analyse and provide a better solution. You could also research on the regex part as there are many tutorials available in the Forum :