How to extract data from Edit Grid to Excel


I have a page with Edit Data Grid, and I've enabled the search feature. The user might do some filters and once they are happy with the results they want to extract it to Excel.

Are there any workaround for that?

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@hgaber105 ,

we don’t have feature to import or export into apps currently. you can do using process.

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@Arvind_Kumar1 But how to extract only the current data if the user has already filtered some records?
Assume the total number of records is 100 and after applying filters the current number of records is 5. We need to export only 5.
I was thinking to mark these files with some sort of flag, and then using a process save them to an Excel. But the issue is how to run the update statement only for the current records? Are there any property such as selected row?

This scenario is not directly supported using search feature on EditGrid.
It can be achieved by using a separate Textbox control to filter 5 records from ProcessA’s datatable which contains 100 records, and send the 5 records as input to processB.

  • Add a text box named Text
  • Add EG with following expression as datasource (s) s.Field(Of String)("Name").Contains(pg.Text.Value)).ToListSource
  • Add a button with Start process rule. set Input override as LHS = Processes.TP_ProcessB.in_dt1 , RHS=

Note: In above example, textbox is filtering Name column on datatable.

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Thanks @anilk for sharing this solution. I’m trying to apply but I have a couple of questions, what does the LHS and RHS stands for?

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LHS = Left side of the expression and RHS = right ditto

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I tried the expression but I got the following error:
‘CopyToDataTable’ is not a member of ‘IEnumerable(Of RECApplicants)’.

Please advise

Any hints are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.