How to extract data from an email to paste into an MS Access table


I’ve created a process which extracts data from an email using Regex and the Assign activity. Each variable is then added to a data row using the ArrayRow input and added to a data table.

I am then opening Excel and using the Append Range activity to paste the DataTable data into the sheet. From there I am copying the data (Select Range, Copy Selected Text, Set to Clipboard) from Excel and pasting it into Access (Control + V).

I was wondering if there is a way I could bypass the MS Excel step of this process and just paste straight into the MS Access table?


Hi @TRX !

Yes, you case use database activities package :

~Diego Turati

Thanks for the info. The only problem is that I would like to paste the data into the database by using the front end of MS Access and clicking through a few menu buttons (user interface) as opposed to connecting direct to the table. Is there a way to achieve this using the database activities? Its more of a copy and paste exercise I’d ideally be looking at doing.

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Hi @TRX, You would need to try to use the Desktop recorder Acitivity in order to do that. I believe it’s possible.

Thanks. I was wondering what the process would be please in order to be able to use the datatable to copy and paste into the Access (ie. what activities to use etc)