How to convert email body into a row to paste into MS Access table


Currently my UiPath process extracts data from an email body. This has been achieved by using the Regex and assigning each value to a variable.

I now have multiple variables which I need to somehow combine and separate into columns; which will then need to be pasted into an MS Access table. Any ideas how to do this please?


If you are looking at creating a table,

  1. Use Build datatable activity to create a instantiate a datatable. Specify the columns you want in your table.
  2. Now use Add Data Row activity to create a row and add it into the data table built in step 1. In the ArrayRow property, specify the column values for each column from the variables you are already assigning the values.
    {Variable1Value, Variable2Value, Variable3Value, Variable4Value} (Considering my table is defined with 4 columns)

If you have multiple rows to be created, keep add data row activity inside the loop and assign the properties.

Hope this is helpful!