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I created a connection with a database containing email addresses. Then I used the for each activity to send e-mails. What i want to do is to add information in existing column, that email have been send. For example- if the first column contains valid email and the message is sent, next column should contain e.g 1 or ‘sent’.
I used the assign activity but it adds value only to virtual datatable (i’ve checked it with write line activity). The accdb remains unchanged.

It have to be access database, i can’t use csv or xslx.

please help:)


Hi @jakubwawaurs

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we can use an activity called INSERT QUERY which will take the datatable as input and would accept the insert query as string input

For more info on insert query kindly have a view on thisbuddy

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Insert datatable activity


It works:) thank you


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Cheers @jakubwawaurs

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