How to extract data form header section of a word document?

I wanted to extract data from header section of a word document. for eg if i am reading a resume so in that resume if soebody has mention his/her name in header section so how i ccan read that part of document . i have tried to read data from read text activity under word scope but it is not fetching the header part. Can somebody please help me out? Thanks In Advance.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @AnshikaDixit

Try this activity:

Hi Khangnv,
Thanks for your response, but it is not working on headers section I have tried in all way. I basically want to read header of a word document.


Did you try Screen Scraping on Design Panel to extract data?


It is not working. Basically I have to extract the data from word document heaader section and I have tried with get text and recording as well but it not fetching the data. Or if someone can tell me that how to convert string type to document type.

Hi @AnshikaDixit,

Here is an activity to read the header of the document.