Extract word file header

How to extract Header from word file?
I have multiple pages in word file and i have to extract text in a header from all pages.

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@zoyebmansuri Check if this Wokflow works :

You would need to install an extra Package:


Main.xaml (9.2 KB)


@supermanPunch Thanks, It’s helpful.

But it’s giving me header for only one page. How could i get header of all pages available in my word file?

@zoyebmansuri Can you provide the Word File you’re using with just two Pages having different headers, I tested it with a Word File having two different headers, it was actually giving me the result. To understand why It isn’t working a Sample Word File would be helpful

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@supermanPunch I have sent a Sample word file in DM. Please check.

@zoyebmansuri Actually the headers of the pages are the same. Since it has not been divided into different Sections, It is the same for all the pages. Only the page number is different in them.

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@supermanPunch Okay, Thanks

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Hi all,

Here I have attached the link with sample and video explanation about to extract the word header.