How to export MySQL data from a local server to UAT server using UiPath?

hello master,
i want to export data from local server to UAT sarver by UI path
plz guide me for the code
thank you


Can you please be a little eaborate on what the ask is?


we have data okay that data add to local server and export to the UAT @Anil_G

For database activities in case you need to run some queries the below documentation will help:

But for export, better to look for MySQL documentation and tutorials externally, for as I know we don’t have a such feature.

Some examples:

@Anil_G i have two server local and UAT and want to copy data from UAT to local



  1. Connect to local DB and copy data to datatable
  2. conect to UAT DB and write to DB.

Hope this help?

@Onyekachi_John can you elaborate

  1. create a sql connection to the local DB, then select all record you want to copy and write to a datatable.
  2. create a sql connection to the UAT environment and then Insert into the table.

if you need code snippet let me know.


@Onyekachi_John please send code snippet

@Onyekachi_John we have sqlyog can not connected to ui path

Check the tread for how to connect