How to export exceptions to an excel file

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Could you please suggest on how to export the exceptions occurring to an excel sheet. I know we can only need to use datatable as input to write values to an excel. I am struggling how to collect the exceptions in a datatable or build datable.


Have an Excel Scope in Catch block and use Write Cell activity, you can log message in a text file as well


@PrankurJoshi Thank you. I will retry using excel application scope as you suggested.

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@PrankurJoshi Hi it overwrites if an another exception occurs. I want to export exception into excel file like below format. I know it can be achieved using data table as input to write range activity but not using any datatable to collect case IDs. How to generate or build datatable and save exception.message and case ids. If possible, Could you please provide any .xaml case id exception.message

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Did you find a solution to this? I have similar requirements.