Build datatable and the input value is exception throw

Hi Everyone,

I need to export to an excel if any exceptions thrown while the bot is running. Want to collect exception.message to a variable and build the datatable using that variable and finally will export them to an excel sheet.

Could anyone share sample .xaml file how to build datatable of any exception.


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Use a try-catch.
In try: do your export activity. Catch will look like this

there u can also use build data-table and then write that to an excel

Using build data table you can have multiple columns like exception.message , for which row item you got exception, exception.Cause and more related information

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Hi @Divyashreem. Thank you for your idea and able to achieve what i expected.

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Hi @nadim.warsi. Thank you. Actually my project is attended bo so everything is in message box and able to build data table dynamically. Thanks again.