How to expand a Java tree and click on particular element at the last in the tree

In this attached image, i have to expand the plans .Once expanded,I need to click on the last element named as UNCON.I have installed java extension . its working where Plans is identified as a single object and double on that object is working.Once double clicked, when the tree expands, the elements are identifed as a single object which is not allowing to drill down the tree.All the other objects in the java application are identified as a individual object.Please guide me on how to work with t

his java tree to drill down and select the last elment in the tree.

Hi @srividhya.r

Once the “Navigator” for “Plans” appears , can you use “Hot Keys” and give a try.


Try dragging the Java window to be indicated (Navigator Window ) to the side of the screen and try indicating on Last Item.

Hope it helps.

Hi @srividhya.r

It seems to be a problem with that specific type of tree. I am pretty sure that if you manually expand the node from the VisualTree of the UiExplorer, you will be able to select your target and retrieve its selector.
The problem refers to design time only, since, at runtime, the selector is used to interact with the correct element.
We will provide a fix for this issue in the following releases of UiAutomation activities package (22.6 most probably).