How to automate manual testing using Uipath Studio?

Hello Community,

I have to design a process where I have to Test multiple scenario in .NET Web Application.
Can anyone assist me or any ideas how to implement test scenario/test cases using UiPath Studio?

Check this link @poojas

using uipath studio Pro
you can do


Yeah. I will definitely look this one thanks.

However I have been facing difficulties designing the test case process in xaml file. where I have to add multiple condition to check. Any framework or any design method you can suggest?

generally for to do automation uipath has provided RE framework you can use that or else le mw know your conditions i’ll help you in that… @poojas

So I have to design a process where test cases are given and using which BOT has to select the value and test multiple combination in .net web application. there are 4 drop-downs and in combination of Test cases as below need to design xaml.

Test Scenario Drodown 1 Drodown 2 Drodown 3-colorpicker Drodown 4-colorpicker


After validation each test case BOT has to click on submit button and validate if that is working properly or not.

TRUE- BOT has to select value from dropdown
FALSE- BOT do not need to select value from dropdown
Any suggestion for designing this process?


you can also do this with normal studio licence

  1. Read the excel file using the Excel activities - use read range activity to read the test cases docment
    2.Use for each row activity to loop all the test cases one by one
    3.Inside foreach check if condition row(Dropdown1) = TRUE then
    4.Take select activity and give the value what you want to select .

try like this and let me know