How to execute/perform array formula (Ctrl+Shift+Enter) also known as CSE Formula in the most optimal way?

Greetings, currently the design of the process is I print the formulas in a DT and write it into the excel file where the formula will be referring its value to. This works perfectly with basic formulas such as “=(A1+B1)/1.2” then I print the DT in Cell C1 but recently I discovered that some complex formulas requires to be an Array formula (CSE Formula) which is performed by pressing hotkey combinations “Ctrl”+“Shift”+“Enter” after inputting the formula instead of pressing “Enter” which the outcome will enclose the entered formula in curly brackets, eg. “{=(A1+B1)/1.2}”. I addressed this with my team which is the approach was to use Type Into activity to type in the formula, then Send Hotkey Activity to perform the “Ctrl”+“Shift”+“Enter”, my issue with this approach is that I print the formula to thousands of rows eg. 15000 rows, which may be slow. Are there any other optimal way for this?


Hi @wdescalsota

We can work on our data table variable only and then write the output in an excel file.


Refer the xaml

CSEFormula.xaml (7.6 KB)