How to automate writing complex Excel formula into every cell of a big column?


I am trying to develop a worfklow that writes a formula into a column with 30k lines with the following formula: “=RECHERCHEV(E5;‘SheetName’!F:F;1;0)

Using the TypeInto activity is not an option!

This is the part of the workflow where I try to enter the formula:

However, when I run the robot this is the error message I’m receiving:


Anyone ever faced a similar problem related to writing an Excel formula and has some insight to how to solve this issue?

Obs: I am just trying to write on the F5 cell as a test. The final goal is to write on all the cells in the respective column.

Thanks in advance.


Did you try formula manually? is it working?

Hi @Manjuts90,

Yes, the formula works manually and individually in each cell I put it…

Please find attached sample flow (17.0 KB)

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Hi @kirti.iyer, thanks for the workflow provided. Very much appreciated.

However, we needed some more actions such as creating the formula to the first cell with the activity Set To Clipboard. In your example you had already the formula inserted hard-coded on the first cell and for my example, the formula will be written by the robot.