How to Execute our project in Another Team machine using Orchestrator (Latest Version)

Hi Team,

I have one scenario that i have to execute my project in client machine, how to achieve this using Orchestrator latest version. Please help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks in Advance

Hey @kayathri.chinnaswamy,

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You just need to install the robot as an service mode, make sure you have unattended license allotted to that machine and there you go.

You can check this link below.

Hi @kayathri.chinnaswamy

Ask the other team to log in with the orchestrator which you used and connect with their machine and install the package in the UI assistant and they can run in their machine


Hi Shreyash,

Thank you for the response.
I tried the steps mentioned in the document but while executing it is showing as Pending status and not executing in my teammates system .
please help me on this.

Your robot is connected to the machine and it is showing as connected licensed ? @kayathri.chinnaswamy

You can check the robot status on the machine. Open the UiPath assistant and see it is connected successfully or not!