How to execute nupkg file from Ui robot locally without using orchestrator

I have a requirement to run my uipath process in Ui robot locally,currently i am using uipath 2019 version.Please can anyone guide me?I tried in various ways but process is not executing.



Fine no worries
Extract the files from .nuget type of file and we can see the camels in its folder
—make sure that you have installed the studio and robot in your local machine

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I have uipath studio and robot in my local machine.I created one sample process in uipath studio and i published that and i am able to see that sample process in Ui Robot.When i try to run it,the process execution is started and terminated within a second.


Kindly check with the logs so that we can find where it is getting stuck
—in orchestrator, in the jobs tab itself click in the right end of the job that we were running atlast and click on the VIEW LOGS option so that we can see the logs at each level with that we can debug the issue

Kindly let us know for any queries or clarification
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Hello @SuvarnaReddy123

There are different ways to run those. Kindly check this post:

This will be extremely useful for you.

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My process is in the tray when i click on start,job is starting and terminating without executing the process

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Kindly check the logs of the UiRobot


Fine no worries
—click on the wheel button and chose logs
—we can see the execution logs of the day from where we can get the details
Lets do one this, shall we run this from studio @SuvarnaReddy123
—and if we are trying to open the folder “C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages\“ and get the nuget file or if we have the nuget file readily in any other folder then we can extract that file and get the xaml present in it and all the others files as well
—so once getting that we can open the main xaml and run the process in studio either by pressing F5 or F7 ( debug mode ) so that we could come to know the error for sure

Hope this would help you
Kindly correct me if I m wrong with the question.
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have you run it in the studio in debug mode to see where it’s failing? the nuget pkg installs the code on the machine to run it, if you install the studio you could run it in debug

I can not see the process in my UIPath robot.