How to Execute a process from command line

Hi I have published my main.xaml to my robot.

Now I have this robot in which I can view my process and also execute it using robot UI.


Now I want to execute the same process through command line.

I am using the below command , but with this command only the UIPath robot pops up.
C:\Users\raditya\AppData\Local\UiPath\UiPath.Agent.exe -p MyDemo

How can I run the process, I am using community edition.

Thank you

Hi @Pyramid_Demo
Check this post: Starting 'UiPath Studio Community' process using Command LIne



@shanmukh_pothamsetty not able to figure out from the post.
Is this not possible on the community edition.
or is there something else.

I have read the arguments post form uipath, and it doesnt solve my problem