How to escape special characters


I’m trying to type this line of code in putty.

ps -fu llc | grep exe | echo « resultat= »wc -l

But, it doesn’t get this characters " | " and " ` " ! Any solution please?

@Jan_Brian_Despi Some help ? :smiley:

Thank you all!

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Hi @mz3bel,

Please try this one:

  1. Use Assign to store the code to a variable (let’s say strCode as variable name)
  2. Use Set to Clipboard activity. The input of the activity should be strCode
  3. Attach window to the putty.
  4. Send Hotkey Ctrl + v

Let me know if it works :slight_smile:

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No, it doesn’t work, it’s sends nothing or sometimes ^V :smiley:

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Hey @mz3bel

Try to use a backslash ( \ ) in front of special characters to escape them.



no doesn’t too !

Found the issue, why it doesn’t work. It’s the Set To Clipboard, doesn’t work for me… don’t know why yet!

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Please try Shift + \ for the | if it works :slight_smile:


This works too, thanks @Jan_Brian_Despi :smiley:

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