How to enable Closest Matches setting: "Search failed at selector tag, The closest matches found are: [85%]"

Hello UiPath Community Forum members! :blush:

Having trouble with a selector and want to enable the setting which will tell me what the closest matches are.

So my question is: “How do I enable the setting to display the closest matches in the exception message?”

I have seen where you can toggle them on and off but can’t find it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


If you use Modern Click, the following feature in 21.10 might help you.
(However this function mainly seems for turning off display closest match…)


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Hey @Yoichi

I will mark as solution but unfortunately its not in my production version…(2020.10)

As you hinted the options are limited anyway.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction :wink:

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Hi @Steven_McKeering ,

If you use 20.10 or later and set short time (such as 3000msec) at Timeout property , can you try to set longer time such as 10000msec? Information for Closest Match seems to be needed longer time at timeout property.


Hey @Yoichi

I modified the Full selector and it gave me more options when the exception was raised. Note: I hadn’t modified the TimeoutMS (default of 30000 used) on this try.

So I think the real issue was the Full selector.

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