How to email Log message Activity

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Is there a way of emailing the contents of a log message activity to users ?


Log messages will be displayed in Output panel and also it will be sent to Orchestrator logs page and if you want you view them.

If you want to send it to user then do one thing. Create one notepad file and use Append Line Activity to append the logs and then finally send this file to user through mail. Am doing it same and working for me.


if you are using orchestrator you can just export the complete logs to excel file and attach that in your email and you can send it.


How do you link the log message to the append line. Not sure how to add to “Text must be Quoted” because log message does not ouput to a variable. Can you explain more please.


Hi @bobby

This can not be done.Log activity and Append Line are two different ways you can create the logs for your bot if you want to pass the same value to the Append Line as well then use the variable to store the message and pass the variable in log field and append line to have the desired result.

Log message activity pushes the logs to the orchestrator so there is different purpose which it serves whereas using the AppnedLine activity you can create custom logging mechanism but in that case you have to figure out a different way to use this logs in the orchestrator that would not be automatically done.


String logFile = “LogFile-”+now.Tostring(“dd_MM_yyyy_hh_mm_ss”)+".txt"

This will create text file named logFile for every run and then pass this filename to Append Line Activity.

Filename:. logFile
Text: “log message”


I figured it out.

Thanks man. You are a life saver.

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