How to edit row/column width using UiPath?

I am guessing you mean excel

try sending hot keys
Alt H + Alt O + Alt H for height
Alt H + Alt O + Alt W for width

I hope I understood your issue correctly :slight_smile:


When i insert a data table to a word doc the values are not fitting properly it is irregular

is your wrap text turned on?

No where do i find it in word ?

So the application is word right?

If this is the case you can use autofit, but aren’t the page margins going to make you a problem ?

No that is not a issue

where did you copy the table from?

I used insert data table in word application scope and the DT was read from a Excel sheet

That is for images right?

Hello @Adhu_4,

Here is some activities AutoFitColumns,AutoFitRows,Format Cells. Can you try these.

You can download activity here.

Sample are here. But it as package from UiPath Gallery.


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For some of my projects I create a blank template that is already formatted and such before hand. This is saved in a template folder. I then duplicate the template to the desired location, rename it and insert the data into it. You cannot do this for all solutions, but if it is a document you create a lot this is an easy rout to take. You can also then change the visual formatting of it on the fly without a need to update the automation.

Hi @balupad14,
what if i only want to set the range of row into 1 only?

Hi @Caithlyn_Saturos,

I am not clear. Can you elaborate on it, please?

Thank you

Hi @Adhu_4
Where your able to resolve this issue? I’m currently facing the same issue. Kindly share your solution IF you’ve resolved it.


I just want to do ‘autofit row height’ to only a particular selected cell. How can I do that using BalaReva.Excel.Sheets.AutoFitRows activity?
What would be the row range in that case?


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Hi @NithyaSankar ,

Please check this. you can get more detail about this activity.

Thank you

Thanks… I understood how to use that.
I am getting an error for the following activity after this.

I just created a test workflow like below to test this.

Can you please help me on this?

Hi @NithyaSankar ,

Can you please use the autofit Rows outside of the excel application scope.

Thank you

Okay… Thanks

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I’ve used these packages to solve this problem. I had an issue with an older version but the latest version works really well.

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