Adjust excel cell width

Anyone know how to adjust cell width and height ?
The issue arise from inserting object(file) in a cell, and the object took up more than a few cells.

Hi @livejm,

What you exactly need? Do you want the columns to be auto-fit or you need to fix the width of the column?

Hi @livejm,

If you just want to set the column as auto-fit. Then follow the below 2 steps

  1. Select the column which you require using Select Range activity. (e.g If you want to Auto-fit Column C, then give “C1” in Select range activity)

  2. Use Send Hot Key activity as like below

Hope this helps you.


Hi, thanks for the prompt reply.

I need to manually set a fix width and height for each column.

Is there a way to record adjusting column width and height ?

Personally, when it comes to automating very specific Excel activities I find it much easier to create an Excel Macro in VBA and then execute it from UiPath. Not everyone agrees with me but if you can’t create custom activities for UiPath then this is definitely the best option. You can create a template copy/add any data to it and then execute the macro to do formatting, pivot tables, charts etc.

In my opinion Excel should be used for the things it’s good at and UiPath used for everything else.


Thanks, i will just use Macro in the excel to adjust the width and height.