How to increase the width of a cell in excel?

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I just have a template excel where the data extracted from SAP is being populated…But I just need the width of description field to be a little more wide(Not auto fit)…So is there a code which can be invoked in uipath to just increase the width of the cell?

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Did we try with vb script or macro ran with activity INVOKE VBA or EXECUTE MACRO inside the EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE activity

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How About using UI Automation in Excel.

  1. type into : cell and Enter

2.Click on format : you Have 2 Options now - Specify Column width / Auto Fit Width

  1. Hotkeys can be also used to achieve the above


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Here is an aciivity called Autofit column . Using this activity you can auto fit the column width or you can increase the column width.


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Hi @geethamrutha_pasumar,

Use following VBA code in Invoke VBA activity.

Sub Macro1()

    Columns("E:E").ColumnWidth = 14.67

End Sub

—> change column & width as per your requirement

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