How to Edit Robot MachineName?

previous version is available edit machine

but 2019.10.2 Ver Orchestrator Can not edit machine…

Is there any other way I don’t know?

First you have to add machine and then you can able to select the machine name (the added machines will appear here)


@KarthikByggari already add machine on Robot
I want change Machine in Robot

RobotA - Machine A

RobotA - Machine B

previous orchestrator is available edit…

For some reason it is not allowing to edit.
As an alternate way, you can click on duplicate and then you will get a window to select the machine name.

Karthik Byggari

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Duplicate same Create New Robot…
The reason I want to change the machine name,
because if create a new robot, need to set up new assets.
assets too many assign to robot… too boring XD

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The assets has nothing to do with robots nor machines… You can delete add machince/robot as much as you want, it won’t affect your assets…

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yes i know
but I want to change the machine to an existing robot.
When create a new robot
must re-assign the asset value assigned to the robot.
(Asset values ​​are assigned to each robot.)
It is too boring to add one by one because there are multiple assets.

You might want to instead take this opportunity to re-evaluate how you are designing the process. I’m having a hard time imagining why any process would need so many robot-specific assets that creating a new robot becomes such a big problem. Sounds like a potential anti-pattern.

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The test environment and the operating environment are different, so each must be given.

In fact, replacing a PC designated as a robot is not common.
but If replacement PC, it’s too much cumbersome to have a Asset assigned to the robot.

previous version is available…
Can’t change the machine assigned to the robot in the future?