I have create task in action center but fields are not editable


I have created the form in the action center but those fields are not editable.

How i can resolve this issue?

Hi @Pooja2

check if

  1. the user have permission to edit actions
  2. the arguments passing to the form are correctly directed (in or out directions)

I have pass argument as In type.
And for the access how do I verify edit permissions in orchestrator?

You can verify the user in orchestrator, if user has necessary edit task permissions in the folder.
Add the user to the same folder in which task was created. While adding the user you need to provide a role. Choose a role which has task view and edit permissions.
Also you need to claim the task to make it editable. Unassigned tasks remain in readonly mode

Hi @Pooja2 ,

As @AdityaVN stated, please check the roles assigned for action center, it should have following permissions assigned to be able to successfully edit the action data.

Also, please note that to edit action in action center, action first needs to be assigned to self/someone as well.

Please try these and let me know if it worked.