How to duplicate every row and adjust content in an Excel document

Hi guys, I’m new to UIPath Studio (and and was wondering if you guys can help me out with this issue that I have. I need to duplicate each row of an excel spreadsheet (except for the headers), and then adjust some information in the duplicated row. The duplicated row will be placed right beneath the original row.
Here is the input. I will upload the output example in the comments

Thank you all for the help !

Here is the output that I want

If you are not amending the original rows, I would personally read the excel file into a data table, make your amendments in the datatable to the relevant fields and then use append range to add the new rows underneath.

Happy assiting you @jonjo67,

I have created a macro for you. Please find attached the macro macro.txt (674 Bytes)
Please run the macro4 in that excel and confrim if that meets your requirement.

Automtion make lifes easy :slight_smile:

Arun Vignesh S

Thank you for the advice TimK, however I would prefer to do this with macro on excel.

Hi @arun_vignesh,

Thank you for creating the macro for my file. I tested it on my excel file and it worked perfectly!

Automation do make life ALOT easier.

Thank you, good sir.

Could you please mark this as a solution and like my solution as well.

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No problem, just this is uipath forum and not a vba forum which is why I gave that suggestion. But any automation is good automation. :ok_hand:

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