How to select therepeated row from an excel with uipath studio


hello all,
in an excel, there are 10 thousand rows, each row has 10 column, and i need to check column 1, column 2 and column 3 to see whether there are repeated rows. if there are two or more(eg: n) same rows, i need to select n-1 rows out and write them in another excel sheet, so that the former excel sheet just contains distinct rows.
how do i use uipath studio to do this, what activity should i use? thanks a lot.


hey @june

You can see the attached sample workflow and go through with it and let me know if any doubt.

Just here i am comparing 2 columns but as per your need you can modify it and with “and” operator add more column to compare. (17.8 KB)



@aksh1yadav thank you so much, i will try your sample. thank you!


@aksh1yadav hi sorry to disturb you, i am not quite familiar with the logic of building two datatables and add data row in your sample, could you please explain some details? thanks a lot.


Actually it is easy to handle data into datatable even it is big in size so here i am creating two datatables just one is to store that Unique Records after comparision operaitons and the other which will store the Duplicate records in your case.

let me know if you have still any doubts on this.



@aksh1yadav thanks, and i have another question: why assign blIsexist=false and later use assign:blIsexist=true? thank you so much!


It is a flag variable i am using to make decisions for process like duplicate record exists so on that basis have to add it into one datatable and if not true then add into different datatable.



@aksh1yadav oh i got it, thanks a lot.