How to drag field to area in pivot table

how to drag field to area in pivot table

Hey @Lakshya_Garg,

There are some activities in UiPath that you can use to create the pivot table.

Or you can use linq to create the pivot, for this you can refer this


thanks for reply

but I am using classic activity not modern

if this is done by vba then please send me the vba code

Hey @Lakshya_Garg,

You can use the linq method that I have shared previously.


I try but it’s not working

@Lakshya_Garg can you share your excel file and the expected output, I will write the solution and share with you

pivot data.xlsx (13.8 KB)
here is the file (33.3 KB)
@Lakshya_Garg , you can use the below code for pivot.

Hi @Lakshya_Garg

Have a look on the thread

Go ahead to read official documentation