Create Pivot table and drag fields

Hi guys, I hope you are doing well!
In my process I want to create a pivot table and drag the fields in their respective boxes. I already saw some topics regarding this problem but they didn’t help me out. I am not allowed to use external packages and I also don’t have UiPath StudioX because in the documentation there is a process doing this task.
So do you have any solution?
It would really help me out!

Hi @RandomGuy,
Do you always have to prepare the same type of pivot table and have to drag the same fields in their respective boxes in the pivot table ? If yes , the process below can help.
Try recording an excel macro to create the pivot table and drag the fields in their respective boxes… Then using invoke VBA activity, you can run that macro externally from UiPath without having to make your excel workbook macro enabled.

Hi @shetanshudhar,
how would it look like when I run the macro externally from UiPath? Can’t I include it in my UiPath process?

@RandomGuythis is included in your UiPath process. There is an activity called invoke VBA. Kindly make use of that.
Check out the video below:

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