How to create pivot table and drag the fields in the boxes

How to create pivot table and drag the fields in the boxes


You can use the existing activity to create a pivot table. Before that, you need to create a data table with the required columns in it.

Or else, you need to write VB code to do that


Can you send me any sample pivot table and data table with any columns in it

You want it with existing activities or code?

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existing activity…if possible code too

Here is the best example for creating pivot table @venkateshtangudu,

Create Pivot (19.3 KB)

Check this link for code to create a pivot table :


thanks i will check


Let me know if you have any doubts and make sure your excel data is in the tabular format and has the table name . Then you have to give that table name in the create pivot table activity


i understood, can we drag the pivot table fields…!in filter,columns,rows and values automatically

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Existing activity will take them based on the data types but you can do that using code.

Check the code. It has everything and let me know if you have doubts

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