How To download the latest community studio, I can not find the download link!

I use this link, however , I can not find the download link as above, my studio version is :

Hi @Lori ,

You can try to download using following link.

Once you login to then right top you will find ‘?’ Symble then click on that and click on downloads then you will find link to download the community edition.

Hi @Lori ,
Let follow this step
1.go to Orchestrator

Hi @Lori

=> Go to your Orchestrator i.e. and login to your account.
=> After that click on the marked icon as shown below

=> Click on the Downloads as shown below

=> It will be navigated to the page from where you can download UiPath Studio Community edition.

This below link will also help you download the setup file directly.

Hope it helps!!

Thank you so much. You have given me many methods. It’s so awesome!

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