How to download the fine from SharePoint dynamically

I have to download a file from sharepoint. I “Indicate On Screen” in click activity but my file name is getting changed every month. Once indicating the screen, Its generating the selector like this " .How to make it dynamic?? Please help


Can you help us with the selector and sample file names which changes for each month.

Hi Anil , Its only generating like thisSelectors @anil5

Hi @khan,

If the selector is like this we cannot make it dynamic, can you indicate the screen using uiexplorer and provide sample names of the files which changes each month.

DOne the same, Now Can we make it dynamic using “*” wildcard.Selectors


I want you to get the selector for previous month and compare it with this month selector, i think only the month name in the selector will be changing “February 28 2019”, if thats the case you can send directly the end date of each month in the above format and the files will get downloaded.