Dinamycally download yesterday's file

I guys,

I want to automate a process in which I have to download a bunch of files and store it in a specific folder.

Each day, I access a website in which all the reports are listed in a .tsv format. The thing is, I only want to download the newest file in the list.

I’ve created a process to download all the files I need but I don’t know how to do it dynamically.

Basically, this is my file selector for each file:

webctrl aaname=‘a_b_c_2019-01-10.tsv’ parentid=‘content’ tag=‘A’ /

As you can see, the file name always has the date associated with it. Is there a way for me to dynamically select the download link based on the aaname and the system’s today date-1?

Thank you all in advance.

Can u please paste format of file?
And selector ?

selector contains a date: hence make it dynamic and pass date as variable/Argument to download only those file.

Could you be more specific?

I had a problem while posting. The selector is now added to the topic.


webctrl aaname=‘a_b_c_2019-01-10.tsv’ parentid=‘content’ tag=‘A’ /

if this is the file selector then 2019-01-10 is a today’s/yesterday’s date make it as variable and pass it