Can anyone help me on downloading a dynamic name excel report from a website?

Hi, I am trying to download an excel file according to the current month from a sharepoint site where its located. I tried to use click activity and several other options but the selector is dynamic for the report name each month and needs to be selected through a radio button. Attaching the screenshot for the reference. Please help me with a method to download it each month?

Hi @Gaurav_Dhyani

Assuming that you can check the radio button for a file & click the download button to download each file, you can use Find Children activity to get the attribute associated with each file present in the UI block. Once you have the list (or array) of the attribute, you can iterate through each of them & click download.

A little R&D might be required, hope this helps.
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Firstly please if possible try using office 365 activities which can do this job from backend

And coming to front end way…We can use the search panel at the top and search for the filename after you are on the folder…then only one result will pop and it would be easy to download…And as we know the format of naming we can search for "Employe Census Report (" Now.ToString("MM-yyyy") + ").xlsx"

Alternately you can use this in the innertext property as well the selector looks like this

Can be stored in variable var = "Employe Census Report (" Now.ToString("MM-yyyy") + ").xlsx"

Then selector

Eg; <webctrl tag='div' innertext="*{{var}}" />

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Thanks for the suggestion.

@Anil_G Thanks alot, this idea works for me.

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