How to download queue file from orchestrator queue

I want to download all the orchestrator queue name page transaction files to local desktop folder.
Please help on this!


On clicking on the “export” button which you have highlighted you will be able to download a csv file which will give you all the details that is currently displayed in the Page. (Queue-View Transactions). This CSV can later be used for say auditing or local analysis for this set of Queue Items.

If you want to fetch the queue items you may use “Get Queue Items” activity or “Get transaction Item” activity in studio.

Hi Deebiga,
Thanks for the message.

I have created data table variable in read range activity. I need to paste the queue name in search space button.

Datatable.Tostring is not working.

Hi The QueueName has to be hard coded. (It can also be read from Config file). e datatable variable will not hold the Queuename.

Hi @Uipatther,

Could you please make your requirement more clear to help you better.

You want to download details of all the queues that are available in a given folder?

I see in your screenshots, you have transactionData.clean in your excel scope which you are trying to read basis queue name. What are you trying to achieve in this code.

Please help me understand your requirement better.