How to download multiple files through keywords?

Let’s say I am interested in download those files that i underlined through clicks. Does anyone have any idea how i can identify files through keywords and click on it automatically? idelaly the keywords could include wildcard so we can use it every quarter or so.

Can you describe what kind of files you like to have? I can not determine the logic in your selection.

Hey Thomas, the types of file are ppt, xlsx , pdf.

You have the URL for the web page available? Scrape all the links with Data Scraping activity and loop over it. Better: Write them to a queue so you just process each once.

like the page that i want to download files from ?
how can this scraping and loop process be dynamic? I foresee myself having the need to download the files every couple months when they provide new forecasts and I would love to set up a process that is dynamic and can download through keywords and wildcards.

Well I’d need the URL of the page you want to download from, then I can make code.


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Suggest to check the selectors of the elements and make the selector dynamic

Hope this may help you


As you didnt provide a URL I coded a solution for another website. It finds all the children on the page and checks if the href matches a given scheme you have to change.
test_children_href.xaml (8,8 KB)

Hi thomas, I am sorry for the late response. I didn’t have connection overt the weekend. The website that i want to perform the series of actions is . I saw your code. Do you mind explaining on the log message part and the where the “ui_children” from the for loop is from?

thank you so muchhh

The ui_children is the result of the “Find Children” activity before: