UiPath Click automation

Hello Everyone,

I have a question, i’m trying to create a simple automation.

Actually, i have a list of files in a web site and i’d like to click on each file then a new window will open and download the files.

Can someone help me to find how to do that. thanks. :smiley:

Hi ,

  1. Data scrape list available in Web.
  2. Filter the Required ones based on Condition.
  3. For loop :
  • Assign activity => Click_Selector = “Selector of the File to Click” - dynamically change filename
  • Click activity - pass the above variable
  • Download the file.

Thanks for answering, how can i change dynamically filename in a selector (PS: the name of files is not similar) because when i did it a got another problem, only the first file get clicked 13 times, how can i fix it to move to next file one by one

Can you check if the click selector has the name of file in it or id in it.

yes it has the name of the first file in it

this is the result i got from the selector

< html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘DBprofiscal’ / >
< webctrl aaname=‘Loi-2019-47/AF’ parentid=‘myTable’ tag=‘A’ / >