How to download multiple file from webite

i have files in website to download like there will be one file 2 files or many i want to download all the files and delete , shall i take row count loop it till it becomes zero count. Or what is the best logic to write

any solution on this

Hi @T_Y_Raju

It’s better if you can share a screenshot how is your website showing for downloading the files, Is this a tabular or some other formats?


Hi, To download files from a website, especially when you don’t know in advance how many files there are, you can use a loop to repeatedly check and download files until there are no more files left to download. However, a loop based on a row count might not be the most efficient approach if the file list is dynamic or if there’s no convenient way to determine the total count of files in advance.

  1. Use the “Find Children” Activity: Use the “Find Children” activity to locate and extract all the download links or elements from the web page. The “Find Children” activity is designed for scraping data from a collection of elements, such as links.

  2. Iterate Over the Elements: Use a “For Each” loop to iterate over the collection of elements (download links) found by the “Find Children” activity.

  3. Inside the Loop:

    • Click on the download link to initiate the download.
    • You can use the “Click” activity to do this. After clicking, a download dialog or action should be initiated depending on the website’s behavior.
    • Handle the download action or dialog: Depending on the website and the way it handles downloads, you may need to add further actions, like saving the file to a specific location on your system.
  4. Continue Looping: Continue the loop until all files have been downloaded. You can use the loop condition or check if any more elements are available for download.

    • Ensure you handle any error or exception scenarios during the download.
    • Consider setting up a mechanism to wait for the download to complete before proceeding to the next iteration.
    • If you need to delete files after downloading, add a step within the loop to delete the downloaded file once it’s no longer needed.