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Hi frinds need one help…
I have one webpage ,from that i need to download files.
Sometimes file may be 1 and sometimes may be 2.
example1. Download-- File1
example2. Download-- File1 | File2 …
please share ur views…

Hi @monishankar,

Can you please elaborate on this and share some screenshots for the downloads from the website?

Also if you have multiple downloads present in the webpage you can follow below steps:-
1.Get the selector for the download link .If you have multiple values the selectors will have some parameter which will be incremental (as in col=1,col=2 etc).This property can be utilized and you can run a for each loop to download the file one by one.

If you can share the website link with me i can help you with a workflow maybe.

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Hi @monishankar,
Have you tried to use Click activity on it and then check it’s selector? Then you might try to do dynamic selector so it will click on every download link on the website.

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As you can see in pic, those files are available…so i need to download File-1|File-2|
Sometimes there would be only one file File-1| and sometimes both the files File-1|File-2|

What is the maximum number of files that may exist?

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Thanks for replying…Maximum number of files is two only

I see, perhaps you can use an ‘If’ activity to check if there are more than 1 file by using Element Exists activity to see if File_2 exists and using a click image activity afterwards.

Hi @monishankar,
Can you please share the selectors for File-1 and File-2 links?

and what logic should i apply to download File-2

Hello @Indrajit_Banerjee,

If it’s always 1 or 2 and no more then all you need to do is have the robot check that by using the “Element Exist” activity and have the robot check that for you. The element exist, checks if an element exist and outputs you a TRUE or a FALSE (boolean) variable. Then use a if to create the condition. So if the second file exist download it, else don’t.

Hi @rmunro,

so the logic here mentioned by you would work fine for 2 download files.
I am just trying consider a situation where you would have multiple downloads and all these can be achieved by making your selectors dynamic .
Your Bot would be a robust one and will easily be able accommodate any future enhancements.

Hello @Indrajit,Banerjee,

Sorry this message was for: @monishankar but you’re right.