How to download folder from onedrive?

Hai all !!

I have to download folder from OneDrive, I can download file from OneDrive using download file activity but unable to download folder from OneDrive.

I tried with For each files or folder activity also from Microsoft office 365 packages, inside for each files or folder activity i used download files activity. In this i struck with following error.

Download file

unable to found activity for download folder from one drive, kindly help me to resolve this issue. @Palaniyappan

Thanks in advance for your help !!

Try to have a look into this:

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Hai @Areej_fatima , I referred this marketplace Microsoft Office 365 - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace but i unable to get download folder from OneDrive.

here download file activity only available, kindly guide me how to download folder from OneDrive

Thank you!!

Check that

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Do you find any option to download the folder from Sharepoint ?