How to download files or folder from one drive

Hai Guys !!
I have to download the files or folder from one drive , the link will shared by the user. i tried with
microsoft office 365 packages, files and folder activity to download the files unfortunately that is not working. because files and folder activity we have to give site url value.

as of now i unable to get one drive url folder path name, instead of folder name i get binary digits format.

ex [

Kindly help me to solve this issue

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jayabarath ,
Try to have a look into this:

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

Hai @shubham,
I installed Microsoft Office 365 package, and used Files and folder activity to find which folder I have to download. in this output of files and folder variable need to pass input of download files or folder activity.

Here I struck when using files and folder activity, I need to give site url property values that is one drive url path, I unable to get folder path url from one drive in correct format.


I got the folder name in url as binary format so Robot thrown the error. I attached the screen shot of here please find that.

I need solution for this emergency. Kindly help me to fix this issue @shubham sutra

Thanks in advance.