How to do tasks based on excel or data scapped input


New to and feel fairly novice in UiPath (working in Blue Prism today) and I want to automate a numbers of steps in a browser.

I have a table in the website with a list of items.

  • So I want to do a number of steps in the webpage for each item

But I’m having difficulties on have to do this in UiPath.
I figured out how to data scrap the table with said items but I want to dynamically handle each as it own

in Blue Prism if, anyone here is aware you can basically populate a collection (or a work queue) and take each row in a loop to do the demanded steps.

Any suggestions how to tackle this or can give me guidance where I might find a solution.

Thank you

Hi @j.sorman,

If I understand your query correctly, you can use a For Each Row activity since you were able to scrape the data to a DataTable. From there you can retrieve the items in your data table and do the necessary work

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Cheers. I’ll give that a try :slight_smile:

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