UI Path - Auto IT & Framework

I have been using selenium and now recently switching to UI Path. I have few queries.

1)How can we use Auto IT to upload an excel from different locations while automating web.
2) Also, In selenium we develop a framework and all the scenarios can be included with less scripting. Like wise can we reuse the existing flows or sequence for multiple similar scenarios?

UiPath has endless capabilities to automate. Its like you think of something and that can be automated with UiPath. For excel automation you can scrape data from web and paste into excel.

Ans 1. See these -

Ans 2. You can create sequences or workflows that can be used anywhere in different projects. See these


For Point no. 1 - You can automate any steps using UiPath.

For your point no. 2 - create reusable workflows & invoke the same workflow for different scenarios. Let me know if you need more details.