How to do Increment value in excel

i need to update data daily in same excel file, instead of set to “A1”,“A2”…how to do increment to next cell,pls

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Create one counter variable of type Integer and keep it in loop to increment one by one.

In Write Cell activity, specify range as “A”+counter.Tostring

can i use the counter variable without loop operation?


Here you need to do perform set of activities repeatedly right. So you need to use loop operation only.

Hi @kuih_sedap,

If this process will run daily and to do so you can first, read range and store data in DT (datatable var)
And then by using
rows (int32) = DT.Rows.Count —> you’ll get count of row in sheet
And while write cell activity you can pass
—> “A”+(rows+1).ToString as range. :slight_smile:

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how to use that rows (int32) = DT.Rows.Count?

it just replacing in same cell,not increment please


If there’s header then you have to increment it by 2



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