Datta Iteration in Excel

I am trying to read data cell by cell from an excel. Search for it on browser , scrape the info and write the data into same excel cell by cell . For this i am using counter but after giving counter it is giving error. Any suggestions?

What error could you face…???
Assign your counter variable as Int and use “A”+count.ToString

Try This…!!

I want it to read from cell A2 and then a3 n so on…

Initialize your variable count and set default value of 1, because the Excel file Start with row 1.

Create any loop with some condition.
And enter/Write the value to the Excel with the Cell Range of “A”+count.ToString = A1
Before finish the loop you must increment the count variable.
It will Automatically increment the Cell range in the Excel File, Once the Condition is true

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can u just check my flow and let me know where it is going wrong. PFA of it.

Where is you flow…?