How to do click action?

Dear all

I would like to do a click action on any of the white space
But if I choose activity Click and select the highlighted area, uipath will return an error(plz refer to attached):
Source: Send Hotkey ‘client MsRdpClient’
Message: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selecto:
Exception Type: UiPath.Core.SelectorNotFoundException

So which activity should I choose in order to do a single click inside the highlighted area?

Thanks so much



Please check once have you added the UIpath Extension to your browser

A Manohar

Just realize that I attached the wrong error msg, here is the updated oneUiPath%20error_update

Where do I add UiPath Extension?

Hi @Manohar1

go to IE browser and add UiPath extension for that browser

ashwin S

Hi @Odango

Could you please try to use UI Explorer to confirm your selector and
use Wildcards to fix your problem.

mention the aaname attribute with wild card *
like this
aaname = ‘*’ and title as title = '*'
finally make sure that SIMULATE CLICK property in the property panel of CLICK ACTIVITY is enabled and then try once

Cheers @Odango